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The Full Story

With over twenty-eight years of experience in Corporate Aviation, I bring a wealth of multifaceted knowledge and expertise to the table.

Prior to embarking on my corporate aviation career, I spent eight years serving as a California State Beach Lifeguard Supervisor. In this role, I conducted open water rescues, administered first aid, implemented state beach safety regulations, and orchestrated public programs. Additionally, I collaborated with the Coast Guard and supported local law enforcement initiatives.

My journey into aviation began at the age of sixteen, accruing flight hours piloting single-engine airplanes primarily in Northern California, Van Nuys, and Zimbabwe, Africa. Transitioning into Corporate Aviation in my early twenties, I have steadily progressed across all facets of the industry, including aircraft acquisition, charter brokerage, and the establishment and expansion of an aircraft management company based in Van Nuys, California.

Given the distinctive nature of Corporate Aviation, I recognize the importance of providing clear guidance to clients navigating this unfamiliar terrain. Leveraging my extensive experience and insights, I am committed to offering clients a comprehensive roadmap to success in all aspects of corporate aviation.

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